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    Shivalik Bank now offers life insurance plans of LIC of India as its corporate agent. An MoU was

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Time Deposits (Term Deposits)

One of the most popular method of saving your hard earned money and earning handsome income on it is to keep it with your bank in the form of fixed deposits. You can decide the term of deposit from 15 days to 120 months. There are different schemes to suit different people.

Short Deposit Receipt : Short Deposit Receipts are issued for a maximum period of 179 days. Please click for rate of interest applicable for different terms.

Monthly Income Certificate : Very convenient for those who are in need of fixed monthly income by way of interest on their saved money. It is like receiving pension every month. On your request, we can deposit the monthly interest into your Savings Bank account every month. With the help of ATM-cum-Debit Card, you can withdraw money from your Savings Bank Account whenever needed.
Please apply online for Monthly Income Certificate. Please open a SB Account online. Please register your Standing Instructions by clicking here.


Quarterly Income Certificate : Here you get interest on your deposit amount at undiscounted rates at the end of every quarter.


Please apply online for QLY Income Certificate. Please open a SB Account online. Please register your Standing Instructions by clicking here.


Reinvestment Deposit : Universally, this is the most popular deposit scheme in which your money earns the maximum interest since it gets compounded everymonth.

Please apply online for Reinvestment Deposit Certificate.

SMCB Double : If you deposit Rs. 1,00,000/- in this scheme today, you get a little more than Rs. 2,00,000/- on the date of maturity. Please click for latest interest rate and term.

Recurring Deposit Scheme : A great scheme for those who wish to save some amount every month so that at the end of the pre-decided term, they get back handsome money alongwith high rate of interest. Because of monthly compounding, the returns on your deposits are excellent. People frequently use this scheme to meet their yearly expenses. If you know that you are going to need large sum of money after 3 or 5 years on a specified date, this is the way to meet your large expenditures painlessly. A great product for salaried people who wish to save a fixed amount every month so that they may have a good amount after a certain period.

Apply online for R.D. Account. Please click for maturity value chart.

Recurring Flexi Deposit Account : This is a slightly modified version which works great for the business community. Unlike salaried people, a businessman wishes freedom to deposit whatever amount he can spare each month. If a businessman has started to deposit Rs. 2,000/- p.m., he may have Rs. 10,000/- spare in a particular month. This flexibility is available in this scheme. You can even miss a particular month without incurring any penalty.

Apply online for Recurring Flexi (R.F.) Account.


Lending to the needy is the primary duty of a bank and possibly, no bank does it faster than Shivalik Bank. Depending on your needs (amount of loan, desired repayment period, purpose of loan, type of facility desired) we offer you customized solutions which meet your requirement ideally.