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Insurance - Life

Shivalik Bank offers all highly popular life insurance plans of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC of India).  LIC of India is the largest insurer and a 100% govt. owned undertaking.  It is also the largest investment company of India.  Add to it the wonderful service which you can always be assured of which Shivalik Bank offers to all of its clients. 

When you enter into a long term relationship with an insurance company,  the after-sales-service being offered by your insurance adviser is of paramount importance.  Shivalik Bank, as your favourite and the most trusted bank, offers you the unmatched services in insurance sector also. 

When you are approached by an insurance adviser who wants to sell life insurance to you, you should ask the following questions from yourself :

  1. How much insurance cover do you actually need?   
  2. How much insurance cover you already have?  How much more is required?  
  3. How much amount are you already spending on your life insurance every year?  How much more would you like to spend? 
  4. When should you start getting your money back?  This depends on your family needs - your retirement, your children's higher studies, marriage, their settlement etc. 
  5. Which insurance plan meets your needs ideally?  (Your tax savings needs / your risk coverage / your investment needs?)  
  6. Make a sensible, well informed choice.

Your insurance adviser is not visiting just to sell you a product.  He comes to you to offer a solution to your needs.  Please ensure that what he is offering to you does meet your requirements.

Some important points to remember:  

  1. When you are young and have started earning, you should go for maximum risk coverage that you can afford by opting cheapest possible insurance plans.  (Think primarily of Term plans) 
  2. When you have arranged enough risk cover on your life in, say 8 to 10 years, you should continue to buy insurance to build up your assured savings to take care of your financial needs at differrent milestones in your life.  (Think primarily of endowment plans, pension plans etc.) 
  3. When you feel that all your risk cover needs / assured savings needs have been met and you are earning nicely, you can and should build your investment portfolio still further.  You start playing with your money by earmarking some amount for this purpose.  You try to earn handsome profits by investing in ULIP based plans. You can opt for funds which are likely to give you handsome returns on your money even though they may be risky.)   

Some popular plans for you are discussed here in short.  For details of these, you are welcome to call your branch so that an insurance executive would meet you at your office / home.