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  • 19th Annual Report


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  • Shivalik Bank and LIC of India join hands!

    Shivalik Bank now offers life insurance plans of LIC of India as its corporate agent. An MoU was

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Highly Inviting branches

Shivalik Bank offers state-of-the-art branches and offices to its staff and customers which make banking a pleasant experience. We believe that neatliness is next to Godliness and therefore all of our fully airconditioned branches and offices are always found absolute neat and clean and inviting to all the customers.

Robust CBS technology

The Bank has invested heavily in obtaining highly capable and reliable CBS software because smile alone cannot please the customers. They need efficient handling of their banking transactions too. The software we have outsourced is one of the top ranking CBS solutions in the world and is provided to us by FIS. 

In-house staff training

The staff Training Centre at Shivalik Bank is one more worthwhile investment which ensures knowledge and efficiency among the staff. Regular training programs are conducted by the Bank to keep the staff always updated with the latest systems and procedures, products and features. For this, state-of-the-art technology like video conference, tele-conference and webinar are used to minimize staff movement between branches and training centre and resultant travel bills. 

Nationwide tie-ups with Correspondent banks

The Bank, since its inception, has been successful in forging tie-ups and strategic business relationships with large public sector / private sector banking institutions. Thus, we have always been to send and receive remittances to and from every part of India.

ATMs and CDMs

Shivalik Bank has installed ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) at various onsite and offsite locations. Our ATMs are connected to Rupay network managed by NFS.  Thus, customers of the bank are able to deposit money into their account even after the branch has closed in the evening. ATMs dispense cash not only to our ATM-cum-Debit Card holders but also to any other Debit Card holder who holds a valid card issued by a bank in India.