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Download forms

We are providing for your personal use some formats which are in use at the bank so that you don't have to visit us merely to obtain a form.  Please take a print out of whichever forms you need and submit the same to us duly filled in.  Alternatively, you can call us to assist you.


 Code  Descriptive Name  Size
 CIF-IND  Customer ID Form (for individuals)  528 Kb
   Customer ID Form (non-individuals)  
 SRF-IND  Service Request Form 945 Kb
   Customer ID Form (Supplemental)  
   Customer ID Form (Basic SB Account)  
   Account Opening Form (SB ) Ver. 2017  
   Account Opening Form (Current / RD / FDR)  
CISF  Customer Id & Saving form SHG-1 901 Kb
CISOD  Customer ID and Saving OD form SHG 2 480 Kb
DPR  DP Revision SHG-4 463 Kb



Check Lists

With a view to assist you, we are giving below various check lists so that you know what documents would be needed at the time of opening bank account.  Please keep these ready with you when visiting us for opening the account :

1. Savings Bank  (Adult, Single name)

1. photographs. (The photographs are required for identity purpose therefore it should show your face clearly from the front and should have clear background.  Passport sized, recent and coloured photos are welcome.) In case you don't have a photograph, don't worry.  All of our branches have been provided with a digital camera.  One of our officers will take your photo at the branch.

2. Photo ID (passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License / PAN Card / Any other ID issued by Govt. or Semi Govt. Department or PSU or your employer would be accepted).   It should mention your Date of Birth clearly.

3. Address Proof (passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License / Ration Card / BSNL Phone Bill / Passbook of other bank etc.)

4. Proof of Date of Birth ( If the Photo ID or Address Proof being submitted by you mentions your Date of Birth, then not required.) Otherwise your school certificate, birth certificate, college degree would be accepted.

5. An Introducer (A person well known to the bank should be requested to introduce you to the Bank.  Bank's old customers (at least 6 months old) can introduce you.

6. Form 60 or 61 (If you do not have PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department, you need to declare your non-assessee status by filling in Form 60 or Form 61 as the case may be).

If you are opening account in single name, PLEASE OFFER THE NAME OF A NOMINEE also.  It is for your own benefit and convenience.  A nominee can be anyone - your parents, children, spouse or siblings (brothers / sisters).    IF THE BANK BRANCH DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE YOUR CUSTOMER ID form filled, you need to fill this form only once.

2. Savings Bank (Adults, Joint Names)

A joint account can be opened by two or more adults with any of the following operational instructions:


All the documents required for SINGLE accounts would be required for all the joint account holders also.

3. Savings Bank (Minor Account)

Accounts in the name of minor can also be opened under the guardianship of father (or mother, in most of the cases).  Age proof of the minor would be required.  For more restrictions on such accounts, please contact the Branch Manager.

4. Savings Bank Accounts (Clubs, Societies, Trusts)

Accounts in the name of a club, registered society or trust may be opened if proper documents and authorisations are offered to the Bank.  Some of the requirements are as under :

Constitution, bylaws, Board Resolution etc. of the club are needed.  Please also discuss with the Branch Manager for full requirements as applicable in your case.

5. Salary Accounts / Fee Accounts of the Educational Institutions

Such accounts are being opened by us on very attractive terms.  Please give us a call so that we may depute an officer to your institution to understand and discuss your exact requirements and make a suitable offer that would answer your specific needs.