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  • 19th Annual Report


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  • Shivalik Bank and LIC of India join hands!

    Shivalik Bank now offers life insurance plans of LIC of India as its corporate agent. An MoU was

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Demand Loans

A demand loan is sanctioned for a period of 1 year and usually, it is demanded against bank's FDRs / Recurring Deposit / LIC policy or Post Office Deposits e.g. NSCs / KVPs.  It takes only minutes to sanction the loan. 

Loan against Bank's own Deposits 

Nothing can be simpler than to ask the bank to grant you financial assistance against your own term deposit. Your Term Deposit Receipt(s) are pledged with us during currency of the loan and you can take your deposit receipts back the day you close your loan account.
Min. Amount of Loan : Unspecified
Max. Amount of Loan : 90% of the amount of your deposit
Rate of Interest: 1% above the rate of deposit.
Processing fee: Rs.50/- per FD Receipt. In case of 3rd party FD Receipts Rs. 100/- per.
Margin : 10%
Security : Pledge of Term Deposit Receipt
1. Cheapest loan ever.
2. Fast and easy, almost no documentation.
3. Prepayment penalty: NIL

Loan against NSC / KVP

Shivalik Bank offers easy loan against post office receipts like National Savings Certificate(NSC) or Kisan Vikas Patra(KVP)on attractive terms. Loan can be granted without much fuss.
Main features of the scheme are:
Min. Loan Amount: No floor limit
Max. Loan Acount:  No upper limit
Security: Pledge of Post Receipts for which bank's charge has been got registered in the books of post office.
Rate of Interest: variable, depending upon the quantum of finance.  Presently 12.25% to 13.25%. 
Margin: 75% 
Processing Fee: Rs.100/- per NSC/KVP. Rs. 200/- for 3rd party receipt.

Loan against LIC policy

Shivalik Bank is one of those few banks that gladly finance against insurance policies taken under traditional plans from LIC of India. It is pretty fast, cheap and easy to avail the loan against your LIC policies. Main features of the scheme are as under:
Min. Amount:
Max.Amount: Unspecified but cannot be more than the Surrender Value of the policy(ies) minus specified margin
Rate of Interest:
Margin: 30% of the surrender value of policy
Security:Pledge of LIC policy bond(s)duly assigned by the policy holder in favour of the bank for which bank's clause has been added in the books of LIC of India.