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About Us

Our Vision and the Mission


In the technology-driven future of banking and economy, we foresee ourselves as the natural and obvious choice of our constituents of District Saharanpur and elsewhere by offering to them the best of both worlds - best technology and the best personalised care.

We accept and dedicate ourselves to the following mission:

1. As an institution engaged in banking activities,  we shall strive to carve a place for ourselves in the hearts and minds of the people  (whosoever they may be - men or women,  home makers or office goers,  businessmen or industrialists,  students or senior citizens, govt. servants or professionals, investors or daily bread-earners) by reaching out to them individually and as a community and by offering ideal solutions to their bank-related needs  so that they may start and continue to look at us as :

a)An institution with spotlessly clean and hygienic, state-of- the-art offices, branches, buildings, equipments which they would always be delighted to use;

b) The most understanding, knowledgeable, courteous and welcoming group of people who are always eager to serve and who instinctively make banking transactions a great delightful experience;

c) A banking institution with the most thoughtfully designed and innovative schemes and banking policies which take care of all their banking needs very well in the ever changing business environment and circumstances;

d) An institution which has proved itself worthy of their utmost faith and trust by watching for and looking after their interests as its own, never doing anything to jeopardise that sacred trust and always maintaining complete transparency in its dealings

e) An institution that employs and makes use of latest technological advancements to the benefit of its constituents and is always willing to upgrade and improve with no signs of complacency.

2. For our members and stake-holders,  our mission is to become the most reliable source of honourable and regular income to them.

3. For our country,  our State, the governments and our central banking institution i.e. the RBI,   we shall strive to become an institution which they can use as a model for the others to follow and emulate.

4. Lastly,  for those young, dynamic, intelligent youths who wish to make a scintillating career in banking,  we aim to become the most sought after employer by providing to them the most conducive work environment, fair HR policies ensuring their all-round growth, better health and enhanced social status in return of their sincerity, dedication, cooperation and all out efforts to make this Bank an institution they would always feel proud to be working for and associated with.

Customer Service Initiatives

In order to move ahead to realize our goals and to fulfil our mission,  we have taken some initiatives towards improvement in customer service standards.   Here are some of the initiatives, we can proudly mention:

1. Extended working hours: Our branches are open for customer dealing and locker operations from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays & on 1st , 3rd & 5th Saturday. 2nd & 4th Saturday will be holiday. Also, all the staff at a branch does not take lunch/tea breaks together, so that the customer service does not stop even during lunch hours.

2. Entertaining of late customers: If a customer walks in after 5 pm (close of business hours), we entertain him by marking his transactions for the next business day. Such transactions are recorded in the registers/systems duly provided to the branches and are executed after day open on next business day.

3. May I Help You counters: All our branches are equipped with a 'May I Help You'/'Inquiry' counter, which help the new customers to get their work done without any delay or confusion. The staff sitting at these counters are well trained to handle inquiries, suggestions and help in filling up forms etc.

4. Drop-box for Clearing Cheques: All our branches have installed a drop-box where a customer can drop a cheque intended for clearing/transfer 24 hours a day. This box is securely locked and is taken care of by the 24 hour guard. All cheques received during the night are taken up for clearing/transfer the next day. This way customers can save one day in clearing transactions.

5. Passbook Printer: All our branches are equipped with passbook printers, so that customers get neat and legible passbooks updated instantly.

6. SMS facility: We have started a free SMS facility, through which we provide useful information to all the customers who have subscribed to it. Examples of information provided are info of next banking holiday, relevant instructions of RBI, relevant changes in laws and rules, new schemes etc,

7. Camera for customer's photo: All our branches have been provided with a portable camera so that customers need not submit their passport size photographs. The branch officials directly click their photographs and get it printed.

8. Photocopy machine: The branches are equipped with photocopy machines so that customers do not have to go out to get copies of their documents done.

9. Availability of Stamp papers: For use in loan documentation, the bank directly purchases stamp papers from the Government Treasury and gets the cost reimbursed from the customer. This way the customers neither have to run around in search of stamp papers nor do they have to pay commissions to private vendors to purchase stamp papers.

10. Personalized service: The bank keeps a track of its good customers and provides personalized services to suit individual needs. We try to delight the customer by bonding with him strongly. The bank wishes its good customers on their birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

11. Home/Telephone banking: We entertain our customers over telephone and take their telephonic requests. Based on their telephonic requests their account statements/ drafts/ cheques/ other documents are delivered/ picked up from their homes/ offices. We also accept service requests over e-mail. We also arrange to get the accounts opened/ documentations done at customers' homes in case customer is unable to come to the bank.

12. Branch infrastructure: It may also be noted that we have provided excellent branch infrastructure to enhance customer satisfaction. Our branches are equipped with air conditioning, clean toilets, proper waiting lounges, availability of drinking water etc.

13. Technology: We have installed suitable software to enhance customer satisfaction. The software provides any counter operation, any branch banking etc. We are also in the process of installing Core Banking Solution to the delight of our customers. CBS will in turn enable us to provide ATMs, Internet & electronic banking etc.

14. Customer oriented banking procedures: We have strong customer oriented banking procedures that ensure that the customer feels pleasure in dealing with us. For example whenever a new customer approaches the bank we get his KYC formalities done once and later whenever he/she approaches the bank again, we refer to his earlier ID and do not ask for documents again & again.

15. Security: We take utmost care to instill faith and trust in our customers by keeping all our premises safe & secure. We have taken the services for Ex-Armymen Welfare Association to provide strong and capable security guards, all our premises are CCTV enabled and are closely monitored.